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Rocks at the Beach: 99 Images

Most people can agree that beaches are scenic. The combination of beachgoers, sand, extended surroundings, surf,                  and the vastness of the ocean can be hypnotic. Among the easy-to-miss details present at many Southern California

beaches are the smooth, multi-colored, and varying shapes of the rocks (beach cobbles) that roll back and forth with

the rising and receding tides. Worn smooth by sand and salt water for hundreds or thousands of years, these artifacts

have fascinated me for as long as I've lived close to the beaches of Northern San Diego County. Maybe I'm that easily

entertained. Or easily distracted by the varieties of shape, substance, line, and color. I won't argue. Anyway, if you like

the photos here and you'd like to purchase prints on archival, metallic photo paper--made with archival inks, contact me.


Jim D. Babwe

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