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BEACH ROCKS (Click on images to enlarge).

One of the significant lessons I learned in college  did not appear to have any connections with the subject matter taught in the classrooms.


As a commuter student, I drove back and forth to school along the same road every day. If you've been a commuter for any length of time, you probably understand how the familiar drive can become somewhat automatic. 

A flat tire can change that. 

When I realized my prized Ford Pinto had a flat tire,  I parked the car in front of a drive-thru dairy in town.


At the time, I didn't have one of those plastic cards that you can pull out of your wallet and call the number to summon emergency road assistance.   


At the time, I didn't have a spare tire either. I had to walk a couple miles along that same street I thought I knew very well.

During that walk, I made some pretty cool discoveries. The most memorable was a restaurant I'd never noticed.


Set back about 10 or 15 yards from the busy street, the business was operated within the confines of an old, early 1900s craftsman style house. 

Inside the place, I learned that all of the restaurant employees were residents of an assisted living center located on the same property but behind the restaurant, away from the street.


The resident/employees also cooked the restaurant's amazing variety of food, and each menu item was prepared according to personal family recipes.

During my walk along that street, I learned quite a few other details I'd never noticed at 35-45 MPH on the way back and forth to and from school. 

I know it's kind of the long way around to explain how easy it is to take some things for granted or fail to notice good stuff. But it's that kind of slowing down and paying attention to the lines, colors, patterns, and other details offered by the varied assortments of beach cobbles that's added to my appreciation of the California coastline.

Some people might say I've become obsessed with photographing rocks on the beach. I'd have to agree.

Stay tuned for purchasing information.



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